VIDA Foldaway Tote Imagining Rothko 10 by VIDA HpJBS6oHF

VIDA Foldaway Tote - Imagining Rothko 10 by VIDA HpJBS6oHF
VIDA Foldaway Tote - Imagining Rothko 10 by VIDA
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It's important for programmers to challenge themselves.

Creative and technical stagnation is the only alternative.

In the spirit of the new year, I've compiled twelve month-sized resolutions.

Each month is an annually renewable technical or personal challenge:

Read on for my suggestions.

Update 1: Also see VIDA Statement Clutch Spectrum by VIDA Qfs5or0Qn

Update 2: VIDA Statement Clutch Carmel Gardens by VIDA O5RES

Update 3: 1stdibs Vintage 1960s Hand Made Beaded Hand Bag zGnBhA

Update 4: Added some updates for 2016.

Go analog

Programmers obsess over the discrete and the digital well past the point of diminishing returns.

Thus, small investments in the analog yield comparatively large gains.

Here's a starter list of analog activities to try, each of which takes about a month of dedicated effort to transition out of the novice (and into the seasoned beginner) stage:

Programmers tend to live sedentary lives, and we face unique health challenges from our occupation.

We tend to ignore these challenges.

Spend a full month each year tuning your exercise, diet and environment to promote durable healthy habits.

Go to a clinic each year to get your blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar checked. Watch how these values change over time.

If your wrists are starting to hurt or have been hurting, VIDA Statement Bag Chin Up Buttercup by VIDA PNQkWwG

Focus on improving your posture, with an emphasis on your shoulders and neck. I use a Giorgio Armani Preowned Leather crossbody bag QcIM2bb
to help:

(Yes, it works for men too.)

Track your weight, caloric intake and caloric burn. If necessary, reshape your lifestyle to VIDA Statement Clutch Eye of the dragon by VIDA BuLAO

If you're already trim, consider a VIDA Statement Bag room and plant23 by VIDA gxSvKRNzA

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“Hey, Big Head ... ”

I swear, I will never again hear those words without thinking of my new favorite Instagram tribute account, BigHeadHanna . Since 2016, a 19-year old Italian member of Rih’s Navy simply known as “Lucia” has devoted her spare time to using PicsArt to alter pics of her idol, Rihanna, to resemble a Bratz doll. The results are surprisingly entertaining.

Now, why Lucia would want to do this is anyone’s guess, but she’s definitely a devoted fan, as she told online magazine Babe : “The thing I like to do is to put some Rihanna music on, and then start doing my edits.” And apparently, her dedication has paid off—with a follow from Rihanna herself (Lucia has marked the date, June 4, 2017, in her bio).

“That’s the best notification I could ever receive in my whole life,” she told Babe. “I still think she sees all my pictures.”

We’d be lying if we said we didn’t go down a bit of a wormhole looking at all of Lucia’s big-headed reinterpretations of our favorite bad gyal. It was both a welcome chuckle in the middle of an otherwise busy workday, and weirdly meditative.

Of course, Lucia’s not the only Instagram user altering the looks of her faves; Beyoncé fan page Fattyonce reimagines Queen Bey as a plus-sized goddess, saying, “Beyoncé reigns on us all, no matter her shape.”

True ... though I think we all know Bey works pretty hard on that bod, especially after three kids. No word on if she’s a fan of her far-thicker alter ego, but since no cease and desist orders seem to have reached the Fattyonce page, we’re guessing the Queen is taking it in the body-positive spirit with which it was intended.

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Maiysha Kai is Managing Editor of The Glow Up and your average Grammy-nominated goddess next door. Minneapolis born, Chicago bred, New York built. Nuance is my superpower.

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